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The WEGO IV DUAL system is designed for monitoring each  bank of a V engine separately.  It is the same as the single unit, but has 2 sensors and double displays.



WEGO™ Dual Channel Air/Fuel Ratio Display Systems with built-in data logging. These kits include the WEGO™ unit, Two (2) Bosch® LSU4.2 5-wire wide-band oxygen sensors, Two (2) 18x1.5mm weld-bung nuts for mounting sensors on exhaust pipes, and our software on CDROM.  The latest data and software veersions are also available on the Daytona-Sensors website.


WEGO™ units are versatile tuning aid for all carbureted and fuel injected engines displays air/fuel ratio (AFR) and logs over 2 hours data including AFR, engine RPM, and a spare 0-5V analog input for sensors such as throttle position or manifold pressure.


All WEGO™ systems are highly accurate with less than ±0.10 AFR error over 10.3 - 19.5 AFR range (±0.007 Lambda error over 0.70 - 1.33 Lambda range) and feature a ‘Easy Free-Air’ calibration procedure corrects for sensor aging effects.



WEGO™ Kit include the PC Link software and also a USB cable.  PC Link software runs under Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows® 10.  Older Windows® versions and Mac® are not supported.  PC Link allows the user to program all the parameters and tables within the CD-1 Sportsman™ system.  Minimum PC requirement is a 300 MHz Pentium® with super VGA display (SVGA with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution).  The WEGO™ systems connects to the PC by means of the USB interface supplied with the system.