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The Saab 9-5 manual transmission has a parallelogram-like linkage.  When new it works effectively, but the ball joints are outer housings are plastic. YES plastic.....the steel ball is much harder than the plastic so eventually the fit loosens and the joint gets really sloppy.  To make things worse here is no lubrication on this part.  The ball end outer housing is molded to the shaft.



This shaft is the main piece of the parallelogram ball joint end mechanism.  We offer this as a partial quick fix.  We don't sell the short shaft separately because the new coupling has to be welded in place on the support bracket , and this is a critical and sort of involved modification that we have the jigs and expertice to carry out.  With our full rebuild we change both shafts with high precision replacements.  We also take the play out of the large main pivots that also wear out, and we put in a grease fitting and lubricate these pivots.  This the the complete precision repair and is listed elsewhere on the site.  You send in your core and we turn it around in less than 2 working days.



This shaft fits 1998 to 2004.5 Saab 9-5s with manual transmission.  2004.5 + uses a different mechanism.  If your VIN is xxxxxxxx43501882 or lower this shaft will fit. 

If it is VIN#xxxxxxxx43501883 or higher it will not fit.  For these "2004.5" + cars you are best to replace the mechainsm with Saab part # 55562606 mechanism which sells for $120.00 USD from


This IG3TECH replacement arm uses high quality, precise ball joints with"0" tolerance that are pre-lubricated and sealed.  This part also includes a new adjustable shaft and lock nuts to hold the adjustment.  It is shipped adjusted to the factory lengrth.  This removes lots of free play at the shift lever in the form of less side to side slop. 


NOTE:  We also have a rebuild service to completely rebuild the mechanism with this rod and ends and the other rod as well as modifications to take the slop out of the 2 main pivot shafts.  See our other listing for this service.


This kit will remove a some of the side to side movement for a reasonable price.  The replacement part from Saab is over $500.00 USD.  


NOTE: The 2004.5 and newer 9-5 manual transmission cars have a different linkage design that is not interchangeable with the 1999-2004.5 part. SEE NOTE ABOVE    


Linkage needs to be removed for replacement.  USE WIS FOR PROCEDURE.

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    Saab shift link

    Posted by VolvoDr on Jul 5th 2018

    A well made and affordable answer to Saab's No Longer Available part.