IG3TECH is a company founded by an enthusiast who is a lifetime Saab nut and owner.  Dick Lague has been into Saabs since high school when his dad bought Dick and his brother Larry a new Saab 1959 93b to drive to high school.  From that first 3 cylinder 2-stroke to the current 9-5 one or more Saabs have been in the fleet.  Wow that is 52 years of Saabs!


Similarly, Dick developed a passion for air cooled Porsche 911s.  Some 20 years ago he acquired a 1973 911 and that intriguing beauty has become passion as well.  On this 911 journey many problems were recognized and solved.  Most of the products offered here for 911s are the results of those years of find solutions and wanting the share the knowledge and hardware with fellow enthusiasts.



We have gotten pretty deeply into Saab 9-5 rear suspension spacers.  There is a good reason for this.  Years ago our Saab 9-5 Aero was "cupping" rear tires.  At the same time bottoming was common with passengers in the back seat and some luggage in the trunk.  Forum such as Saabnet.com and others were just starting to touch on this.  The problem was the OEM spring tended to sag and get shorter.  Once the ride height was below factory specifications the rear alignment would be really off.  Too much toe-in and too much negative camber.  New springs would work for a while but this sag again.  The solution was spring spacers, but no one made them.  Well we made our own.


We tackled the problem of sloppy shifting action in the manual transmission 95s.  We offer a great upgraded shift mechanism is kit for or full rebuild with your core shifter mechanism.  This upgrade makes a huge difference in the precision of the shifting action.